Renewable Energy PPA: Google and Aspiravi's Partnership Paves the Way for Renewable Energy in Belgium

published on 12 February 2024


In a groundbreaking move that marks a significant stride towards sustainable energy in Belgium, Google and Aspiravi have joined forces through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) to supply 59.2 MW of wind energy annually. This collaboration involves the installation of 9 new wind farms by Aspiravi, set to be operational by the end of 2024. The initiative not only boosts Belgium's renewable energy sector but also aligns with global efforts to mitigate climate change by reducing CO2 emissions.

A Shared Vision for a Sustainable Future:

Google and Aspiravi share a common goal in Belgium: to transition from fossil fuels to carbon-free energy production. This partnership goes beyond mere business dealings, reflecting a mutual commitment to fostering local green energy solutions that enhance Belgium's energy independence. By combining resources and expertise, both companies are spearheading the transformation of the energy sector, aiming to create a sustainable future for all stakeholders involved.

Google's Ambitious Renewable Energy Goals:

For Google, the agreement with Aspiravi is a critical component of its global strategy to achieve 24/7 carbon-free energy (CFE) across all its operations by 2030. In Belgium, specifically, Google's data centers and offices are expected to run on 85% carbon-free energy by 2024, measured on an hourly basis. The PPA with Aspiravi, involving newly constructed wind turbines, is crucial for increasing the renewable energy share in Belgium and underscores Google's preference for local, green energy sources.

Local Impact, Global Vision:

The significance of partnering with Aspiravi, a 100% Belgian company, cannot be overstated for Google. It represents a commitment to local green energy initiatives, reinforcing the importance of regional collaborations in achieving global sustainability goals. Thierry Geerts, Country Manager of Google BeLux, emphasized Google's longstanding commitment to sustainability and the pivotal role of partnerships with energy companies like Aspiravi in realizing its vision for a carbon-free future.

Aspiravi's Contribution to Greening Belgium:

Aspiravi's enthusiasm for the partnership with Google reflects a shared vision for sustainability and a dedication to renewable energy solutions. Rik Van de Walle, General Manager of Aspiravi, highlighted the pride in collaborating with a global leader like Google and the importance of such alliances in promoting green electricity production in Belgium. Aspiravi's extensive portfolio, including 249 land-based wind turbines, 172 sea-based turbines, and 2 power stations utilizing non-recyclable wood waste, plays a vital role in reducing CO2 emissions by 2.4 million tons annually.


The partnership between Google and Aspiravi is a landmark achievement in the pursuit of renewable energy in Belgium and sets a precedent for how global tech giants can collaborate with local energy providers to achieve significant environmental impacts. As both companies work towards their ambitious goals, their collaboration serves as a model for the energy transition, demonstrating the power of shared ambitions in creating a sustainable and carbon-neutral future.

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