Inspiring Customer Stories
Their Journey, Our Pride

 "I have had a very positive experience with Enerdatics. The quality of the data is outstanding; and the team provides my company with terrific support. They work hard to answer questions and complete specific research assignments. Because of Enderatics, my company will find new solar energy opportunities to purchase. I highly recommend Enerdatics!" 


"As a former Corporate M&A guy and Investment Banker I was used to the data bases of mergermarket and the like. But being a CFO of an late stage Renewable Energy company, Enerdatics provided data sets you nowhere else could find. It’s a very valuable source of transaction related information globally. Very happy to have subscribed with Enerdatics!"

CFO - Late stage Renewable Energy company, GERMANY

"Not only is the Enerdatics platform a very valuable tool for our work, but the team is incredibly supportive and responsive, something that differentiates them from everyone in their space. I worked with Enerdatics at a prior company, and when I moved to a new one I knew I had to engage with them again. They are constantly open to new ideas, improving their services and providing personalized analysis for my team. Thanks to the Enerdatics, I’m up to speed on the latest M&A news, can analyze deal data whenever I’d likeThey are easy to work with and always up for a challenge. I highly recommend Enerdatics to anyone who wants to stay well-informed and well-supported by a great team."

Director, Technical Advisory, United States

"My team started using Enerdatics about nine months ago after comparing its functionality and cost to other research and data providers. We have been very satisfied with not only the data available but the level of support provided by the Enerdatics team. The platform allows us to stay up to date on what is happening in the market and quickly access and analyze data; and the Enerdatics employees are extremely responsive when it comes to answering questions and assisting with any analysis we may be doing. They are constantly looking to improve their already very good service. Would definitely recommend."

Lead Analyst, Energy Company, Germany

"After careful consideration of various platforms, we opted for Enerdatics about half a year ago. Our experience has been overwhelmingly positive, both in terms of the rich data insights and the exceptional support we've received. The platform keeps us informed with meticulous transaction reports, ensuring we're always in the loop with market activities. Furthermore, the dedication of the Enerdatics staff is evident in their swift responses and invaluable assistance with our analyses. They're always on the hunt to enhance their offerings, even though they're already top-notch. Highly recommended!"

M&A Lead, Energy Company, Spain

"No other deal database provides as much depth on a deal per deal basis than Enerdatics! Real researching efforts are evident when digging in and that helps us provide more color to clients and investors interested in learning more (short of contacting the sell-side banker)"


Thank you for the analysis! It was very well done and supported us in putting together a very quick turnaround presentation for management.

We very much appreciate not only the insights but the feeling that we can count on you and the Enerdatics team.

Senior Analyst, Energy Company, Germany

"I am very happy with Enerdatics. From time to time, I have asked questions directly to you and received valuable help. This may have been related to search or screening. I recommend Enerdatics to colleagues when the topic comes up."


"This was very helpful. Thank for your timely and great service. You are competing with the best and you do great. Keep up the good work!"

Senior Executive, Energy Company, Norway

"After speaking with the users, the consensus is that they like receiving the e-mail reports & newsletters and find those useful. "

Senior Executive, Energy Company, USA

"I am blown away! This is amazing. It really positions Enerdatics as a subject matter expert."

CXO, Deal Advisor, USA

 "One of your major differentiators is your customer service and engagement, and the below is great evidence of that."

M&A Lead, Deal Advisor, USA

"I truly appreciate your customer service and engagement…that’s a material reason for our renewal with you as well!!"