Renewable Energy Finance: Quorn Park Hybrid Project Secures Financing

published on 17 June 2024


What happens when innovation meets sustainability? The Quorn Park Hybrid Project is set to redefine renewable energy in Australia. This ambitious initiative marks a significant step towards integrating solar and battery storage within the National Electricity Market. Read on to discover how this pioneering project is set to power over 45,000 homes, fostering a greener future.

Pioneering Hybrid Energy Systems:

The Quorn Park Hybrid Project, initiated by Enel Green Power Australia, is not just another renewable energy venture. It's one of the first to combine a 98 MW solar farm with a 20 MW/40MWh battery energy storage system under a single point of connection in the National Electricity Market. This innovative configuration allows for more efficient energy distribution and stability, setting a precedent for future projects across the globe.

Strategic Partnerships and Financing:

Securing over $190 million in project financing was a milestone made possible through strategic partnerships and solid trust between Enel Green Power, Inpex Corporation, and financial giants Westpac and Bank of China. These collaborations underscore the project's viability and the growing confidence in hybrid renewable energy projects as lucrative and sustainable investments.

Local Impact and Future Prospects:

Beyond the technical advancements, the Quorn Park Hybrid Project is a boon for local communities. With commitments to local procurement and employment, the project not only promises to light up homes but also to energize local economies. Looking ahead, the project's completion in 2026 will pave the way for further investments in renewable energy across New South Wales and beyond, illustrating a robust model for clean energy expansion.


The Quorn Park Hybrid Project exemplifies how technological innovation and strategic partnerships can create sustainable solutions that benefit both people and the planet. As we move closer to its completion, the excitement builds not just for the clean energy it will generate, but for the future projects it will inspire.

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