Renewable Energy M&A: Cubico and Storaltil Forge a Mega Battery Storage Venture

published on 07 February 2024


In a landmark move that signals a new era for Italy's renewable energy landscape, Cubico Sustainable Investments teams up with Storaltil to launch a joint venture poised to revolutionize the country's battery storage capabilities. This ambitious partnership aims to develop over 1 GW of Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) projects, marking a significant leap in Italy’s journey towards sustainable energy independence. Discover how this strategic alliance is set to address Italy's urgent need for scalable energy solutions and contribute to Europe’s green ambitions.

A Strategic Union for Scalable Solutions:

The joint venture between Cubico and Storaltil is not just another collaboration; it's a testament to the transformative power of strategic partnerships in the renewable energy sector. With an initial commitment to four projects totaling over 150 MW, this alliance is a proactive response to the pressing demand for utility-scale electricity storage in Italy. This move comes at a critical time, as studies by Terna, Italy's grid operator, highlight the need for nearly 71 GWh of new battery storage by 2030 to align with the EU's climate targets. The synergy between Cubico's project development prowess and Storaltil's technical expertise is poised to set a new benchmark in the BESS market.

Addressing Italy's Grid Challenges:

The significance of this joint venture extends beyond capacity building; it's a strategic intervention aimed at mitigating grid congestion across Italy. With a considerable number of projects located in congestion-prone areas, the Cubico-Storaltil alliance is strategically positioned to alleviate grid bottlenecks and enhance the reliability of Italy's energy infrastructure. This collaboration underscores the critical role of innovative storage solutions in stabilizing the grid and ensuring a steady supply of renewable energy, even in the face of fluctuating production levels.

Catalyzing Italy's Clean Energy Transition:

As Italy accelerates its clean energy transition, the Cubico-Storaltil joint venture emerges as a pivotal player in the country's energy landscape. This initiative not only expands Cubico's already substantial portfolio in Italy but also establishes a strong foundation for Storaltil in the burgeoning BESS market. By leveraging Cubico's vast network and Storaltil's site-selection acumen, this partnership is uniquely equipped to drive forward Italy's renewable energy objectives, contributing significantly to the broader European goal of a sustainable and resilient energy future.


The collaboration between Cubico Sustainable Investments and Storaltil represents a bold step forward in Italy's renewable energy journey, setting the stage for a future where clean, reliable, and scalable energy solutions thrive. As we witness the unfolding of this strategic venture, it's clear that the path to a greener, more sustainable Italy is being paved with innovation, partnership, and a shared vision for a cleaner planet. Join us in exploring the exciting developments this partnership promises to bring to Italy's energy sector and beyond.

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