Renewable Energy Finance: Acciona Harnesses Samurai Loan: A €280mn Milestone in Sustainable Financing 🌱💼

published on 08 February 2024

Acciona has successfully obtained a €280mn Samurai loan from 17 Japanese banks, including MUFG and Mizuho 🌏. This strategic move not only diversifies its funding sources but also boosts its efforts to expand its renewable development projects in Europe and North America, with a goal of reaching 30 GW of installed capacity by 2030.

But what exactly is a Samurai Loan? 🏯 It's a yen-denominated loan from Japanese lenders to international firms, facilitating access to Japan's debt capital for overseas operations.

Why opt for Samurai Loans? 🌐 They offer foreign companies access to Japan's low-interest rate capital markets, providing financial flexibility. With Japan's interest rates remaining below zero and inflation at around 2.4%, it's an attractive option for borrowers.

Acciona's Achievement: This move positions Acciona alongside other elite companies such as Macquarie Group and NTPC, who have also utilized Samurai loans for renewable projects. Remarkably, it's a pioneering step for a European entity in this sector.

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