Renewable Energy M&A: Woodside and SK E&S Forge Partnership for Lower-Carbon Hydrogen Chain

published on 08 January 2024


In a strategic move aimed at reshaping the energy landscape, Australian energy major Woodside has joined forces with SK E&S, a key player in South Korea's SK Group, signing a non-binding memorandum of understanding (MoU) to develop a lower-carbon hydrogen value chain. This alliance, focusing on hydrogen, ammonia, and other related products, is a reflection of the growing global emphasis on sustainable energy solutions. Let's explore the potential impact of this collaboration and how it aligns with the broader goals of decarbonization and climate change mitigation.

Joint Venture in Decarbonized Energy Solutions:

Under the MoU, Woodside and SK E&S have laid the groundwork for a joint exploration of long-term ammonia and hydrogen offtake arrangements, equity participation in production projects, and engineering supply opportunities. This collaboration is pivotal in advancing the lower-carbon hydrogen value chain, signifying a commitment to sustainable energy practices. The partnership between these two energy giants is set to explore the feasibility and scalability of producing and distributing hydrogen and ammonia as cleaner energy alternatives.

Policy Synergies and Market Development:

The collaboration will also delve into the existing and proposed government policies of South Korea and Australia, assessing how they can foster the development of a lower-carbon hydrogen value chain. This approach highlights the importance of policy alignment in facilitating sustainable energy transitions and underscores the role of governmental support in driving industry innovation and collaboration.

Regional Impact and Climate Goals:

Shaun Gregory, Woodside's Executive Vice President of New Energy, emphasized the growing demand for decarbonized energy solutions in the Asia Pacific region. Woodside’s strategic positioning to play a key role in developing the hydrogen and ammonia value chain for South Korean partners aligns with the region's climate goals and net-zero aspirations. This collaboration is a testament to the potential of partnerships in driving the transition to new energy products and services that support decarbonization and unlock new market opportunities.


The MoU between Woodside and SK E&S marks a significant step towards developing a lower-carbon hydrogen value chain, contributing to the global effort to combat climate change. This partnership not only fosters innovation in sustainable energy production but also paves the way for other companies to follow suit. As the world continues to seek solutions for a sustainable future, collaborations like this offer a promising pathway towards achieving our collective climate goals

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