Renewable Energy Finance: Swift Current Energy Powers Houston with 260 MW Solar Project

published on 27 March 2024


In a significant stride toward sustainable energy, Swift Current Energy has announced its latest venture, the Tres Bahias Solar project, which is set to illuminate the City of Houston. This blog post will explore the details of this groundbreaking project and its implications for renewable energy in Texas.

A Solar Milestone for Texas:

Tres Bahias, with a capacity of 260 MWdc, stands as the largest operating solar project in Calhoun County and the third largest in the Texas Gulf Coast region. This monumental project not only showcases Swift Current Energy's commitment to expanding its operating portfolio but also marks a significant contribution to pollution-free energy for the City of Houston's facilities. The partnership with an affiliate of NRG Energy, Inc. ensures a steady supply of solar power to the city, reinforcing the shift towards cleaner energy sources.

Financial Backbone and Partnerships:

The project's financial structure is bolstered by tax equity provided by UnitedHealth Group and Morgan Stanley Renewables Inc., with construction financing previously arranged by ING Capital, LLC, Siemens Financial Services, and Associated Bank. The collaboration of these financial giants underscores the growing interest and investment in renewable energy projects. Swift Current's role as the developer, owner, and operator of Tres Bahias further cements its position in the renewable energy landscape.

Technological and Legal Framework:

Tres Bahias is equipped with solar modules supplied by American-based First Solar and solar trackers from Array Technologies, Inc., showcasing the project's reliance on cutting-edge technology. The construction managed by IEA Constructors highlights the expertise involved in bringing such a large-scale project to fruition. Legal representation by firms like Vinson & Elkins LLP and Husch Blackwell LLP for Swift Current Energy, along with other legal partners for the stakeholders, ensures that the project is supported by a strong legal framework.


The Tres Bahias Solar project by Swift Current Energy is a shining example of the advancements in solar energy and its growing impact on urban centers like Houston. As we witness the transition towards renewable energy sources, projects like Tres Bahias pave the way for a cleaner, more sustainable future. Join the conversation on renewable energy and explore more about solar projects on our website.

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