Renewable Energy M&A: Sandbrook Capital Acquires Significant Stake in rPlus Energies to Bolster Renewable Energy Portfolio

published on 23 February 2024


In a significant leap forward for renewable energy development, rPlus Energies, a leading private renewable energy developer, has announced a substantial investment of up to $460 million from Sandbrook Capital. This partnership marks a new era in rPlus's journey, emphasizing its commitment to diversifying and expanding its renewable energy portfolio. Let's delve into the details of this groundbreaking collaboration and its potential impact on the renewable energy landscape.

A Strategic Partnership for Growth

rPlus Energies, with its diversified pipeline of over 15 gigawatts (GW) of solar, wind, battery, and pumped storage hydropower projects, has set a remarkable precedent in the renewable energy sector. Sandbrook Capital's investment will enable rPlus to bring 1 GW of shovel-ready generation and storage projects online in the near term, propelling the company's mission to advance sustainable energy solutions. This partnership not only signifies a major renewable energy platform announcement for 2024 but also marks Sandbrook's first investment in the United States following its successful $2.1 billion fundraise for climate infrastructure.

Accelerating Renewable Energy Development

The collaboration between rPlus and Sandbrook Capital is poised to accelerate the decarbonization of the U.S. grid. With a shared vision of environmental stewardship and innovation, the partnership aims to leverage rPlus's expertise in developing, constructing, and operating high-quality renewable energy projects. Notable projects like Graphite Solar, Appaloosa Solar, and the upcoming Green River Energy Center highlight rPlus's capability to deliver impactful renewable energy solutions that contribute to a sustainable future.

Pioneering Pumped Storage Hydropower

rPlus is leading the resurgence of pumped storage hydropower in the United States, with two projects in the final licensing stage—a rare achievement in the industry. The company's commitment to developing pumped storage hydropower projects further underscores its dedication to diversifying renewable energy sources and enhancing grid stability. This innovative approach to energy storage is a testament to rPlus's forward-thinking strategy and its contribution to the evolution of the renewable energy sector.


The strategic partnership between rPlus Energies and Sandbrook Capital represents a significant milestone in the advancement of renewable energy. With a combined focus on innovation, sustainability, and community-minded development, this collaboration is set to make substantial positive changes in the renewable energy landscape. As rPlus continues to grow and develop its diverse portfolio of renewable energy projects, the future looks bright for a cleaner, more sustainable energy system.

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