Renewable Energy Projects: Ameresco's Groundbreaking 300-MW Battery Storage Project in the UK

published on 27 May 2024


Did you know that one of the UK's largest battery energy storage projects is about to take shape? This remarkable initiative is not just a leap toward energy efficiency but a bold stride toward the UK's net-zero carbon goals. Today, we delve into the recent announcement that Ameresco, in collaboration with Atlantic Green, will launch the 300-megawatt Cellarhead project. Powered by Envision Energy's technology, this project promises to enhance the UK's energy security and support the transition to renewable sources.

A Milestone in Energy Storage:

The Cellarhead project represents a significant milestone in battery energy storage solutions within the UK. With a whopping 624 megawatt-hours capacity, it is set to provide much-needed energy reliability. The project's strategic location at the Cellarhead sub-station ensures optimal connection to the National Grid, reinforcing the infrastructure needed to support higher clean energy penetration. This initiative is a crucial part of the UK's ambition to cut down reliance on fossil fuels and mitigate greenhouse gas emissions effectively.

Strategic Partnerships and Technological Innovation:

At the core of the Cellarhead project's success are the strategic partnerships and technological innovations. Ameresco and Envision Energy have been chosen by Atlantic Green for their proven expertise and innovative solutions in the renewable energy sector. Envision Energy, known for its cutting-edge technology in battery solutions, will supply the necessary equipment and services, ensuring the project's effectiveness and reliability. This partnership underscores the importance of collaborative efforts in advancing the UK's energy strategies and sustainability goals.

Implications and Actions for the Future:

The completion of the Cellarhead project by mid-2026 is anticipated to set a precedent for future energy storage projects, not just in the UK but globally. This section of the blog explores the actionable steps other countries can take inspired by the UK's initiative. By investing in similar technologies and fostering partnerships between governments and private sectors, nations can enhance their energy systems' resilience and efficiency. The case of the Cellarhead project serves as an exemplary model of how strategic investment in technology can propel a nation toward achieving its long-term environmental and economic objectives.


The Ameresco-Atlantic Green partnership on the Cellarhead BESS project marks a significant advancement in energy storage technology, crucial for the UK's journey towards a sustainable and secure energy future. As we witness these developments, it's an exciting time for stakeholders in the renewable energy sector and those passionate about environmental conservation.

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