Renewable Energy Project: Colbun's Bold Expansion at Chile's Horizonte Wind Farm Set to Soar to 996 MW

published on 01 April 2024


In a significant move towards bolstering renewable energy capacity, Chilean utility Colbun SA has unveiled plans to expand its Horizonte wind power project in the Antofagasta region. This ambitious proposal aims to elevate the wind farm's installed capacity to a staggering 996 MW, marking a pivotal moment in Chile's journey towards sustainable energy. Let's explore the implications of this expansion and its role in shaping the future of wind energy in Latin America.

A Wind Power Behemoth:

The Horizonte wind farm, already nearing completion with an impressive 816-MW capacity, is poised to become the largest wind farm in Chile and the second largest in Latin America. Colbun's proposal to add 180 MW through the installation of 24 new wind turbines highlights the utility's commitment to harnessing the power of wind energy. Each turbine, boasting a maximum rated power of 7.5 MW, represents the cutting-edge technology driving the expansion of renewable energy infrastructure.

Strategic Investment:

The proposed expansion comes with an estimated price tag of up to USD 200 million, underscoring the significant investment required to elevate the Horizonte wind farm to new heights. This financial commitment reflects Colbun's dedication to advancing Chile's renewable energy sector and its willingness to contribute to the global shift towards cleaner, more sustainable power sources.

A Sustainable Future:

The construction of the additional turbines, slated to begin in the second half of 2025, will utilize the temporary infrastructure of the existing wind farm, ensuring an efficient and environmentally conscious approach to expansion. This strategic move not only enhances the capacity of the Horizonte wind farm but also solidifies Chile's position as a leader in renewable energy production in the region.


Colbun's initiative to expand the Horizonte wind farm to an impressive 996 MW is a testament to the growing importance of renewable energy in Chile and Latin America. As the project progresses, it will undoubtedly play a crucial role in reducing carbon emissions and promoting a more sustainable future. The expansion of the Horizonte wind farm is a clear signal that the winds of change are blowing strongly in favor of renewable energy.

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