Renewable Energy PPA: Sasol Italy's Strategic Shift with GreenGo's Solar Power Initiative

published on 01 July 2024


Have you ever wondered how multinational companies are pivoting towards sustainability in the industrial sector? Sasol Italy's recent partnership with GreenGo represents a monumental shift towards renewable energy in the corporate world. This blog will delve into the nuances of their agreement and its implications for the future of energy consumption in Italy's industrial landscape.

A New Dawn in Corporate Energy Responsibility

The agreement between Sasol Italy and GreenGo is not just a transaction—it's a statement of intent. Sasol Italy, a branch of the South African multinational Sasol, has committed to sourcing electricity from renewable sources for its industrial sites in Augusta, Sarroch, and Terranova. This deal, facilitated by GreenGo's expertise in renewable energy plants, is part of a larger roadmap to transition into an Independent Power Producer (IPP) in Italy. By securing electricity from five photovoltaic plants with a total capacity of 24.5 MW, this collaboration is a pioneering effort aimed at reducing the carbon footprint of major industrial operations.

Innovative Practices in Energy Management

What sets this agreement apart is its innovative pay-as-produced model and dynamic pricing system, ensuring financial viability and sustainability. The plants, set to be operational by the first half of 2025, will generate 45 GWh per year, covering more than 20% of the energy needs of Sasol Italy's sites. The pricing model includes a zonal price remuneration with dynamic discounts and floor prices, which helps in managing the financial risks associated with renewable energy investments. Such forward-thinking strategies are crucial as they provide a blueprint for other corporations looking to integrate sustainable practices into their operations.

Implications for Sustainable Industrial Growth

This partnership does more than just secure energy; it propels Sasol Italy to the forefront of the sustainable industrial movement. By incorporating renewable energy into their operations, they are setting a benchmark for environmental responsibility in the sector. The practical implications for other industries are vast—adopting similar models can significantly aid in achieving global sustainability goals. Moreover, this approach exemplifies how strategic investments in renewable energy can yield long-term benefits, not just for the companies involved but for society at large.


Sasol Italy and GreenGo's agreement is a testament to the evolving landscape of industrial energy consumption, emphasizing sustainability and innovation. It's an inspiring model for companies worldwide, proving that strategic, sustainable investments are not only possible but also beneficial for long-term growth and environmental stewardship.

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