Renewable Energy M&A: Italy's BESS boom, the epicenter of European M&A action for battery storage in 2024

published on 28 March 2024

🔥 Italy's BESS boom: the epicenter of European M&A action for battery storage in 2024

🔋 Italy has seen over 3.8 GW of deals for battery energy storage systems (BESS) since 2023, in addition to over with ~4 GW of strategic partnerships. Notably, ~2.6 GW of these deals and ~1.4 GW of these partnerships were announced in Q1 2024.

📈 Notably, Sosteneo's acquisition of a 49% stake in Enel's Italy-focussed BESS and gas turbines platform for $1.3bn marks the largest deal in this sector. Additionally, companies like Cubico, Octopus, and Pacific Green have made significant moves by acquiring or forming partnerships for large-scale BESS portfolios under development.

🌍 Most recently, Renewable Power Capital (RPC) entered the Italian market by acquiring a ~1.1 GW BESS pipeline from Altea Green Power for €83mn.

💡 The surge in interest is driven by attractive revenue prospects from TERNA's Capacity Market and Fast Reserve auctions, along with recent reforms that expedite permitting for small-scale BESS assets. The country targets a battery storage capacity of 9 GW by 2030.

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