Renewable Energy M&A: Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners Announces Greengate Biogas Partnership in Ireland

published on 13 June 2024


Did you know that Ireland could heat over 160,000 homes using biomethane from local biogas projects? Today, we dive into an exciting development from Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP), Atlas Renewables, and Energex Partners. Together, they’re pioneering a new era of bioenergy in Ireland through the Greengate Biogas initiative. This blog will explore the details of this partnership, its impact on Ireland's energy landscape, and its broader implications for sustainable agriculture.

Catalyzing Green Energy with Manure:

The primary feedstock for the Greengate Biogas projects will be manure, sourced directly from over 2,000 local livestock farmers. This not only promotes sustainable waste management but also aids in the production of nearly 1.8 TWh of biomethane annually. This substantial output is poised to fulfill about 3.5% of Ireland’s natural gas needs and 30% of its 2030 biomethane target. The initiative illustrates a compelling case of how agricultural by-products can be transformed into valuable energy resources, driving forward Ireland's green transition.

Impact and Infrastructure Development:

Greengate Biogas is not just about energy production; it's about creating a sustainable ecosystem within the local community. By injecting biomethane into the national grid and returning organic fertilizers to the farmers, this initiative supports Ireland’s circular economy. Furthermore, the development of these biogas plants is expected to spur significant local employment and investment, particularly in the rural agricultural sectors. This holistic approach highlights the multifaceted benefits of integrating bioenergy solutions with local development strategies.

Towards a Sustainable Future:

The implications of the Greengate Biogas initiative extend beyond immediate environmental benefits. It represents a strategic move towards reducing agricultural emissions and improving water quality management through enhanced manure handling. This case study exemplifies how localized solutions can have a profound impact on national energy strategies and sustainability goals. As Ireland continues to expand its renewable energy portfolio, projects like these not only contribute to CO2 abatement but also set a precedent for other nations to follow.


The Greengate Biogas partnership by CIP, Atlas Renewables, and Energex Partners marks a significant milestone in Ireland's renewable energy journey. We invite you to explore more about how such innovative projects are shaping the future of energy and to join the conversation on sustainable practices.

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