Renewable Energy M&A: Altarea and Repsol Enhancing Photovoltaic Energy Development in France

published on 08 July 2024


Did you know that renewable energy projects are not just about sustainability but also about strategic corporate growth? In a bold move marking a significant shift in its business strategy, Altarea has acquired Prejeance Industrial, a key player in photovoltaic installations. This blog will delve into the details of this acquisition, exploring its implications for the renewable energy sector and Altarea’s strategic positioning.

Expanding the Renewable Frontier

Altarea's recent acquisition of Prejeance Industrial from the Spanish giant Repsol represents a strategic enhancement of its photovoltaic installation development capabilities in France. Since its inception in 2019, Prejeance Industrial has specialized in mid-sized rooftop solar projects, predominantly on agricultural buildings, which benefit farmers by providing extra income and equipment at no additional cost. This move not only bolsters Altarea's renewable energy portfolio but also aligns with global trends pushing for more sustainable energy solutions.

A Financial and Strategic Analysis

This acquisition, valued at approximately €140 million, includes assets like operational and in-development solar power plants worth around €115 million and €25 million in goodwill. With this strategic investment, Altarea integrates these assets into its financial structure starting from the latter half of 2024, potentially leading to significant financial uplift. This section explores the financial metrics and strategic planning behind such large-scale acquisitions and their anticipated impact on Altarea’s market positioning and financial health.

Towards a Sustainable Corporate Model

The integration of Prejeance Industrial into Altarea’s business model not only enhances its capacity for renewable energy generation but also represents a shift towards sustainable corporate practices. With an existing capacity of over 42 MWp and an ambitious pipeline nearly ten times that size, Altarea is setting a precedent for how corporations can integrate sustainability into their strategic roadmap effectively. This section will offer actionable insights for businesses looking to venture into renewable energy, emphasizing the long-term benefits and the necessary strategic approaches.


Altarea's acquisition of Prejeance Industrial marks a significant step in corporate adaptation to the growing demands for renewable energy solutions. This strategic move not only enhances Altarea's standing in the renewable energy market but also provides a model for other corporations aiming to diversify and stabilize their business operations through sustainability.

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