Renewable Energy Finance: Green Genius Secures €87 Million for Latvia's Largest Solar Park, Transforming Renewable Energy Landscape

published on 11 June 2024


Did you know that Latvia is setting a new standard in the renewable energy sector with its largest solar park yet? In a monumental move, Green Genius has embarked on a groundbreaking project to construct a stand-alone solar park in Jekabpils, central-east Latvia. This blog will delve into the exciting details of this project, highlighting the financial strategies, construction milestones, and environmental impacts that make this initiative a beacon for the future of green energy.

Financing the Future of Energy

Green Genius has recently secured a substantial €87 million in financing for what is set to be the largest solar park in Latvia and the second-largest in the Baltic region. With contributions from two German-based financial institutions, the Berenberg Bank and Nord LB, this funding underscores the confidence in Green Genius's capacity to spearhead major renewable projects. The financing arrangement not only reflects a strong commitment from lenders but also marks a significant step towards sustainable development in the region.

Construction and Capacity

Situated on a sprawling 151-hectare site in Jekabpils, the 121 MW solar park is poised to transform the landscape of Latvia's energy production. Slated to begin operations by mid-2025, the project will leverage Latvia's geographic potential to harness solar energy, significantly boosting the country’s green energy output. The construction of this massive facility underscores the technical prowess and strategic planning of Green Genius, setting a precedent for future projects in the European renewable sector.

A Green Milestone

The Jekabpils solar park is not just a testament to advancing technology but also a crucial player in the fight against climate change. Expected to save approximately 121,000 tons of CO2 annually, this project aligns perfectly with global efforts to decarbonize energy systems and reduce environmental footprints. The initiative illustrates how strategic investments in renewable energy can yield substantial ecological benefits while propelling the economic and energy independence of a nation.


Green Genius's latest project in Latvia represents a significant leap forward in renewable energy deployment in the Baltic region. As this solar park moves from the drawing board to reality, it sets a shining example of how green technology can be harnessed to meet energy needs while addressing environmental concerns.

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