Renewable Energy Finance: EDF Renewables' Strategic Moves with Tesco and BAE Systems

published on 30 May 2024


Did you know that by partnering with major corporations like Tesco and BAE Systems for power purchase agreements (PPAs), renewable energy projects can significantly accelerate their progress toward sustainability goals? In a strategic move, EDF Renewables UK has embarked on constructing the 102MW Stranoch onshore wind farm in Dumfries and Galloway, coupled with securing crucial PPAs. This blog explores how these collaborations not only support sustainable energy futures but also stabilize renewable projects through long-term commitments.

Powering Forward with Corporate Partnerships

The new Stranoch wind farm project marks a pivotal step for EDF Renewables UK, promising output from 20 turbines by 2026. This initiative is bolstered by the fresh PPAs with Tesco and aerospace titan BAE Systems, ensuring a stable financial future for the energy produced. Such agreements underscore the significant role of corporate entities in advancing renewable energy infrastructure, demonstrating a robust model for collaboration between energy providers and large-scale energy consumers.

Strategic Energy Solutions and Services

Through its subsidiary, EDF Business Solutions, EDF Renewables is not just selling power but also offering integral services like power balancing and shaping. These services are essential for converting the intermittent power supply from wind turbines into a consistent and reliable energy stream. This adaptability is crucial for businesses like Tesco and BAE Systems, which require steady and predictable energy inputs to meet their operational demands and sustainability targets.

Impacts and Implications of Renewable Commitments

The practical implications of such PPAs are vast, extending beyond mere energy provision to fostering broader environmental and community benefits. For instance, the project is expected to inject over £15 million into local initiatives through its Community Benefit Fund over the project's lifespan. This case illustrates how renewable projects can serve as a catalyst for local development, aligning corporate environmental responsibility with tangible community enhancements.


EDF Renewables' recent PPAs with Tesco and BAE Systems not only promise to power hundreds of facilities but also propel these companies towards their ambitious net-zero goals. Such initiatives exemplify how strategic partnerships and innovative energy solutions can collectively forge a sustainable future.

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