Renewable Energy M&A: OMV Petrom's Major Investment in 1GW Renewable Portfolio

published on 08 January 2024


In a significant stride toward renewable energy expansion, Romanian energy giant OMV Petrom has announced the acquisition of a 50% stake in Electrocentrale Borzesti from RNV Infrastructure. This move, involving a 1GW renewable project portfolio in north-east Romania, marks a pivotal shift in OMV Petrom's energy strategy, aligning with global trends towards sustainable power sources. Let's delve into the details of this acquisition and its implications for the future of renewable energy in Romania.

Expansion into Wind and Solar Power:

The portfolio acquired by OMV Petrom comprises an impressive 950MW of wind power capacity and 50MW of photovoltaic projects under development. This initiative reflects the company's commitment to diversifying its energy sources and bolstering its renewable energy capabilities. The partnership with RNV Infrastructure to develop, build, and operate these projects signifies a collaborative approach towards sustainable energy development in the region.

Projected Timelines and Investments:

According to current projections, the solar farm is expected to begin supplying electricity to Romania's national energy system starting in 2024. Meanwhile, the wind farms are set to gradually commence production between 2025 and 2027, indicating a staggered yet steady advancement in renewable energy generation. This timeline showcases OMV Petrom’s comprehensive plan for integrating renewable energy into the national grid.

Financial Commitment and Business Transformation:

OMV Petrom, in partnership with Renovatio, plans to invest approximately €1.3 billion by 2027 in renewables in Romania, including project financing. This substantial investment underscores the company's dedication to transitioning towards a lower carbon future. OMV Petrom's contribution to the acquisition and construction of these projects, estimated to be up to €350 million, demonstrates its role as a key player in the renewable energy sector.

Closing of Transactions and Future Vision:

The transaction's expected closure in the first half of 2024, contingent upon the fulfilment of certain conditions, marks a new chapter for OMV Petrom. As expressed by OMV Petrom chief executive Christina Verchere, this partnership with Renovatio is a significant step in building a diverse portfolio of renewable projects. It aligns with OMV Petrom’s ambition to maintain its leadership in the energy field in southeastern Europe while adapting its business model for a more sustainable future.


OMV Petrom's acquisition of a stake in Electrocentrale Borzesti is a testament to the evolving landscape of the energy sector, where traditional energy companies are increasingly embracing renewable energy. This strategic move not only enhances OMV Petrom's renewable portfolio but also contributes to the broader goal of energy sustainability in Romania and beyond.

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