Renewable Energy Finance: Natixis CIB Fuels Invenergy's Clean Energy Mission with $900 Million Green Facility

published on 27 March 2024


In a landmark deal for the renewable energy sector, Natixis Corporate & Investment Banking (Natixis CIB) has announced a $900 million Green Letter of Credit facility in favor of Invenergy Renewables Finance North America. This blog post will explore the significance of this transaction and its impact on the clean energy landscape.

A Major Boost for Clean Energy Projects:

The Green L/C facility is set to support Invenergy's extensive project development pipeline, encompassing large-scale renewable and clean energy generation and storage facilities across the Americas. This financial backing is crucial for Invenergy, a company at the forefront of energy innovation, as it continues to develop, own, and operate cutting-edge clean energy projects in various regions, including the Americas, Europe, and Asia.

Natixis CIB's Commitment to Sustainability:

Natixis CIB's role as Sole Bookrunner, Syndication Agent, Administrative Agent, and Green Loan Coordinator in this transaction underscores its dedication to green and sustainability targets. This facility aligns perfectly with Natixis CIB's regional and sector expertise, reinforcing its leadership in the renewable and clean energy generation industry. The bank's long-standing support for Invenergy exemplifies its commitment to facilitating the clean energy transition and bolstering sustainable business practices.

The Impact on the Clean Energy Transition:

This Green L/C facility is more than just a financial transaction; it represents a significant step forward in the clean energy transition. By enabling Invenergy to expand its project portfolio across various technologies, this facility addresses the rising demand for clean energy solutions. It also highlights the importance of collaborative efforts between financial institutions and energy companies in driving the shift towards a more sustainable and environmentally friendly energy landscape.


The $900 million Green L/C facility provided by Natixis CIB to Invenergy is a testament to the growing support for renewable energy initiatives. As we witness historic growth in the clean energy sector, partnerships like this are essential for accelerating the transition to a more sustainable future. Let's continue the conversation on the role of finance in the clean energy revolution.

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