Renewable Energy M&A: Masdar Acquiring a 50% Stake in Terra-Gen to Boost U.S. Renewable Energy Presence

updated on 22 March 2024


In a significant leap towards global sustainability, Masdar, the UAE's clean energy powerhouse, has announced a definitive agreement to acquire a 50% stake in Terra-Gen Power Holdings II, LLC. This blog post delves into the details of this strategic investment, highlighting Masdar's commitment to the U.S. renewable energy market and its plans for accelerating Terra-Gen's growth as a leading developer and operator of utility-scale clean energy projects.

Masdar's Ambitious Expansion in the U.S. Market

Masdar's decision to invest in Terra-Gen underscores its long-term confidence in the U.S. renewable energy sector. Terra-Gen, a prominent independent renewable energy power producer, boasts an impressive portfolio, operating approximately 2.4 GW of wind and solar and 5.1 GWh of energy storage facilities across the U.S. This acquisition positions Masdar to significantly enhance its presence in the U.S. market, aligning with its goal to build a global renewable energy portfolio of at least 100 GW capacity by 2030.

A Partnership for Accelerated Growth

The partnership between Masdar and Terra-Gen, along with existing stakeholder Igneo Infrastructure Partners, is set to catalyze Terra-Gen's expansion. Masdar's extensive experience in funding, developing, and operating clean energy projects worldwide will support Terra-Gen's ambitions to grow its renewable capacity. The collaboration aims to deliver world-class innovation at utility scale, contributing to the global energy transition.

Terra-Gen's Future Trajectory

Under the new partnership, Terra-Gen is poised to continue its trajectory of growth and transformation. With Masdar and Igneo's backing, Terra-Gen plans to build on its tangible pipeline of projects, focusing on developing responsible energy projects that benefit local communities and future generations. The company's commitment to decarbonization and clean energy aligns with Masdar's vision, making this partnership a promising venture for sustainable development.


Masdar's acquisition of a 50% stake in Terra-Gen is a testament to its commitment to the U.S. renewable energy market and its broader sustainability goals. By joining forces with Terra-Gen and Igneo, Masdar is set to accelerate the growth of clean energy projects, contributing to a more sustainable future. This strategic investment highlights the importance of collaboration in advancing the global energy transition and sets a precedent for future endeavors in the renewable energy sector.

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