Renewable Energy Finance: Lightsource bp Secures $348M Financing for Two Texas Solar Farms

published on 22 February 2024


Discover how Lightsource bp's recent financing success is powering Texas toward a sustainable future. This blog dives into the details of their $348 million financing package for two new utility-scale solar projects, highlighting the impact on energy security and grid diversification in the Lone Star State.

Financing for Renewable Energy

The $348 million financing package is a significant milestone for Lightsource bp, supporting the construction of two utility-scale solar projects in Texas. This funding not only underscores the growing investment in renewable energy but also demonstrates the viability and attractiveness of solar projects in the state.

Benefits for Texas

The Starr and Second Division Solar projects, with a combined capacity of 288MW, will contribute to Texas' energy security and diversification. By creating jobs and providing clean energy, these projects are poised to have a positive impact on the local economy and environment.

 Impact and Reliability

The completion of these solar farms will add to Lightsource bp's operational fleet in Texas, enhancing grid reliability and resilience. During extreme weather events, such as winter storm Uri, Lightsource bp's existing solar projects proved crucial in maintaining the electricity supply, highlighting the importance of renewable energy in ensuring energy security.


As Lightsource bp continues to expand its renewable energy portfolio, the future looks brighter for Texas. These new solar farms not only represent a step towards a cleaner, more sustainable energy future but also serve as a testament to the potential of solar energy in meeting the state's growing energy needs.

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