Renewable Energy PPA: GSK and Schneider Electric's Renewable Energy Partnership

published on 29 February 2024


As the world shifts towards renewable energy, global biopharma company GSK and Schneider Electric are leading the charge with a groundbreaking Virtual Power Purchase Agreement (VPPA) in partnership with IGNIS, a Spanish renewable energy group. This innovative agreement will supply 200 GWh of renewable electricity certificates per year to GSK's sites across Europe, significantly reducing carbon emissions.

A Game-Changing Collaboration

This VPPA marks a significant milestone in GSK's sustainability journey, as it will cover approximately 50% of the company's total electricity demand in mainland Europe. The partnership with Schneider Electric and IGNIS demonstrates GSK's commitment to reducing its environmental impact and supporting the decarbonization of healthcare systems.

Redefining Renewable Energy Solutions

The VPPA will facilitate the construction of two solar projects in central Spain, adding 200 GWh of new green generation to the mainland European grid. This innovative approach not only reduces GSK's carbon footprint but also contributes to the development of renewable energy infrastructure.

Driving Sustainable Change

GSK's commitment to renewable energy extends beyond its operations, as the company is empowering its suppliers to take action through its Energize program. By providing access to renewable energy options, GSK is catalyzing sustainable change across its supply chain and the pharmaceutical sector.


GSK's partnership with Schneider Electric and IGNIS represents a significant step towards a more sustainable future. By investing in renewable energy and supporting the decarbonization of healthcare systems, GSK is setting a powerful example for the industry.

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