Renewable Energy Projects: Greenstat Launching Norway's Hydrogen Hub Agder for Maritime Decarbonization

updated on 08 February 2024

A New Era for Green Hydrogen in Norway

In a strategic move that marks a significant milestone in the green energy sector, Everfuel has passed the baton of the Hydrogen Hub Agder project to Greenstat, paving the way for the construction of a pioneering hydrogen production and distribution hub in Norway. This transition not only solidifies the project's commitment to advancing sustainable energy solutions but also highlights the growing importance of green hydrogen in decarbonizing the maritime industry. But what does this development mean for the future of green hydrogen and maritime transport?

The Genesis of Hydrogen Hub Agder

Initiated as a collaboration between Danish green hydrogen leader Everfuel and Norwegian energy innovator Greenstat, the Hydrogen Hub Agder project was envisioned to set a new standard in hydrogen fuel production. With a 20 MW electrolyzer at its heart, the facility's inception was backed by significant support, including a NOK 148 million grant from Enova. Situated in the Fiskaa industrial area in Kristiansand, the hub is strategically placed to harness Norway's renewable energy capabilities and supply green hydrogen to the bustling shipping lanes of Kristiansand and beyond. Everfuel's decision to transfer ownership to Greenstat reflects a strategic realignment, focusing on larger-scale projects in Denmark while entrusting Greenstat with the mission to bring the Hydrogen Hub Agder to fruition.

Pioneering Green Hydrogen Production

The construction of the Hydrogen Hub Agder is set to unfold in two phases, with an initial capacity to produce around 8 MT of green hydrogen per day, eventually scaling up to a 60 MW electrolyzer. This ambitious expansion underscores the project's role in meeting the increasing demand for renewable fuels within the shipping industry, a critical sector in the global push for decarbonization. By targeting maritime transport, the Hydrogen Hub Agder aims to provide a sustainable alternative to traditional fossil fuels, aligning with global efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and combat climate change.

Fueling the Future of Maritime Transport

The Hydrogen Hub Agder stands as a testament to the collaborative spirit and innovative drive that characterizes the renewable energy sector. Greenstat's full ownership and the project's clear path to construction signal a significant leap forward in utilizing green hydrogen to decarbonize maritime transport. As construction is slated to begin in early autumn 2024, the industry watches with anticipation, recognizing the potential impact of this project on the broader adoption of green hydrogen as a viable, clean fuel source for the maritime sector and beyond.


The Hydrogen Hub Agder project embodies the collaborative, innovative spirit required to transition to a more sustainable energy landscape. With Greenstat now at the helm, the future of green hydrogen production in Norway looks bright, promising a cleaner, greener pathway for maritime transport and beyond.

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