Renewable Energy M&A: CIP and CCB Energy Forge Path to Hydrogen Production in Øygarden's Energiparken

published on 12 February 2024


A significant stride towards green energy production and a sustainable industrial ecosystem has been made as CCB Energy and Øygarden municipality, through their jointly owned property company Naturgassparken Vest AS, announced a pivotal partnership with Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP). This collaboration is poised to spearhead the production of hydrogen-based energy carriers within the dynamic hub of "Energiparken" in Øygarden municipality.

A Framework for Industrial Development:

The newly formed option agreement with CIP underlines a shared commitment to bolster significant industrial growth and job creation. Energiparken, an industrial park already hosting industries like CCS (Carbon Capture and Storage) and DAC (Direct Air Capture), is set to enhance its portfolio with the integration of hydrogen (H2) energy solutions. Ronny Haufe, CEO of CCB Energy, accentuates the synergetic potential of this partnership, bringing to light the advantageous positioning of Energiparken for such innovative ventures.

Critical for Climate Goals:

The transition towards clean energy carriers such as hydrogen and ammonia is not just an industrial shift but a vital cog in the global wheel turning towards climate neutrality. Norway, with its conducive conditions and commitment to carbon capture and storage (CCS), is strategically positioned to develop cost-effective production lines for these energy carriers. This project represents a bold step in fulfilling Norway's, and indeed the world's, ambitious climate goals.

The Collaborative Edge:

Combining expertise from green industry sectors with the seasoned experience of the oil and gas sector, particularly with a focus on Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE), the agreement between CCB Energy and CIP is a testament to the power of collaborative innovation. The planned operations not only promise significant investments but also anticipate enhancing the local business sector's expertise, leading to positive regional impacts.

Øygarden: A Prime Location for Renewables:

Philip Christiani from CIP highlights Øygarden's prime location, which boasts access to the sea, natural gas resources, and proximity to the Northern Lights CCS storage facility. This unique blend of natural and industrial infrastructure is ideal for scaling up production of low-carbon energy products that are essential for a swift and efficient energy transition.


The agreement between CCB Energy, Øygarden municipality, and CIP is a forward-thinking move that signals the burgeoning shift in energy production. As the world leans into a more sustainable future, this project stands as a benchmark of what can be achieved through collective effort and strategic partnerships. It's a clarion call to industries worldwide: the future of energy is not only renewable but also within our reach if we commit to innovation and collaboration.

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