Renewable Energy PPA: Bloomberg's Partnership with Ørsted in Texas' Solar Milestone

published on 19 January 2024


Did you know that the sprawling prairies of Texas are becoming a new frontier for renewable energy? In a groundbreaking move, Ørsted, a renowned clean energy developer, has inked an 80MW power purchase agreement (PPA) with Bloomberg. This collaboration is not just about harnessing solar energy; it's a pioneering effort combining large-scale renewable energy production with crucial conservation work. This blog delves into how Ørsted's Mockingbird Solar Center is setting new standards in the clean energy sector, balancing energy needs with environmental stewardship.

A New Era of Clean Energy Development:

The Mockingbird Solar Center, currently under construction near Paris, Texas, represents a significant milestone for Ørsted - their largest solar project in the U.S. But what makes it stand out is its dual commitment to energy and ecology. With four corporate customers, including Bloomberg, the project is now fully contracted, exemplifying a growing corporate shift towards renewable energy. This shift aligns with global initiatives like RE100, which Bloomberg joined in 2016, aiming for 100% renewable electricity. The Mockingbird project not only advances these corporate green goals but also underscores a larger trend in sustainable business practices.

One of the most striking features of the Mockingbird Solar Center is its collaboration with The Nature Conservancy (TNC). Ørsted has made an impressive move by purchasing and pledging to donate over half of the Smiley-Woodfin National Prairie Grassland to TNC. This initiative is crucial, as less than one percent of Texas's original tallgrass prairies survive. By marrying conservation with clean energy, Ørsted sets a precedent for responsible development, showing that industrial progress and ecological preservation can go hand in hand.

Economic and Environmental Synergy:

The impact of the Mockingbird Solar Center extends beyond conservation. It’s a boon to the local economy, creating 500 jobs and injecting an estimated $215 million over its lifetime. This project is a part of Ørsted's substantial $3 billion investment in Texas, emphasizing the state's emerging role in clean energy. Furthermore, this initiative aligns with Bloomberg's climate commitments, including science-based emissions reduction targets. It's a clear illustration of how sustainable projects can drive economic growth while contributing to a greener future.


Ørsted's Mockingbird Solar Center is more than just a solar project; it's a beacon of integrated sustainable development. Its blend of clean energy production, conservation efforts, and economic benefits sets a new standard for the industry. As we witness such innovative projects take shape, we invite you to stay informed and involved in the journey towards a cleaner, more sustainable world. Share your thoughts, join the conversation, and explore further on our website. Together, let's embrace the future of renewable energy and ecological preservation!

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